About Us


Weqaya Medical Services has been founded to be the main base in the field of establishing, developing, and managing hospitals & medical centers, According to the global standers. Weqaya Medical services depend on the modern means of analysis, planning, and, management, as well as its commitment with the international quality standers, through a qualified and trained teamwork, in addition to partnerships with experience houses in the field of preparing feasibility studies, training, and contracting works. 

Weqaya Medical Services is working to design management, emergency plans, that contribute to the work continuity. Also, it renews the human resources to assure the safety of the administrative and functional structure of the hospital or the medical center.


To be a multinational hospital system dedicated to the management of profitable health services through the use of innovative human and technological resources, thereby guaranteeing the attention, security, and trust of the patients, respecting their life regardless of their national origin. Additionally, assuring ethical and honest practices, respecting all the existing regulations in each country where we have a presence through teamwork, maximizing the value of the hospital administration, management, and equipment resources.


Global Quality Healthcare and Innovative Turnkey Solutions Delivered Locally.


1. Security

2. Transparency

3. Innovation

4. Respect

5. Trust

6. Teamwork

7. Ethical & Honest Practices


WEQAYA, we believe in creating a culture in which all employees view their job as a responsibility rather than an obligation. Employees are valued for their competencies, ideas and creativity. We promote and encourage teamwork, achievement, accountability, free flow of information and candid communication with an open-door policy. Our corporate environment thrives on the exceptional ideas and personal development of our employees. It is their ideas that stimulate the growth of our organization, lead to meaningful innovation, and harbor a strong community.


WEQAYA has an Experiences of managing human capital and resources by adapting our successful management model in diverse environments and regions of the world which includes a focus on:

• Hospital Management Team: Recruitment and retention of experienced professional healthcare executives.

• Support via weekly meetings monitoring the implementation of strategic and operational programs.

• Salaries: Adjusting staff to best practice levels according to market competition and economic situation.

• Utilizing monthly productivity standards to monitor staff productivity.

• Physician recruiting: Primary care physicians, medical and surgical specialists.

• Physicians’ friendly approach that earns Trust and Loyalty through the development of physician joint ventures and physician.

• Access to continue education opportunities and a commitment to knowledge transfer.

• Increase access to patient-centered hospitals, offering state-of-the-art technology, and operating at international standards.

• Engaging Physician participation in strategic planning and decision-making process.

• Meeting the needs of our local stakeholders

We believe that human resources are the hospital’s principal asset and therefore we develop people and provide needed motivation to ensure patient confidence in delivering patient-centered care. One of our primary objectives in regions where operate is to recruit, develop and retain our local employees and healthcare professionals. WEQAYA has a clear understanding of the challenges of operating high-quality hospitals in isolated markets where there can be a scarcity of human resources and capital. WEQAYA has overcome these challenges by partnering with various local stakeholders (universities, school, large employers, doctors, and other health providers) to create long-term solutions. WEQAYA’s believes in utilizing the expertise and skills of local healthcare professionals in the markets that we serve.